Multi Care Home

"for your loved one"

Multi Care Service provide Assisted Living Care, Elderly Care, Nursing Care, Stroke Rehabilitation, Post-Operative Care, Palliative Care, Dementia Care and Respite Care.

We provide 24hrs hand on care with our professionally trained registered nurse, caregiver and doctor on call during emergency.

Our mission is to give tender loving care and excellent service to the growing silver generation and assist people who need assisted in their daily living activities. We serve our residents with knowledge, skills and compassion.

We are living a chaotic life! Juggling work, balancing the finances, spouses, children and our parents. It is not possible to manage everything on your own or with your partner. When caring for the elderly, you have a few factors to consider! We are here to assist you to ease the load.

Multi Care Nursing Home is a community that cares for the well-being of the elderly, and we aim to contribute to humanity.

A home away from home! Your parents will be enjoying themselves as they mingle with other parents ensuring they can occupy their time with beneficial activities during the day!

5 top-notch facilities for our aged-residents

In line with the Social Program by the Government of Malaysia, we have treatments and rehabilitation services for our aged-residents.


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